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Making an arcade engine was my childhood dream, a vision that needed to be fulfilled with all my might, tears, blood and sweat… that would be a nice intro to my story, but isn’t quite true. Well one part is! It defi nitely comes from my childhood. I loved to play arcades and the games that came with it. A few weeks ago my lovely girlfriend had bought some arcade buttons, which to be fair just felt amazing to press. That clicking sound, the colours and just the overall feel and look of the buttons made me want to make an arcade machine, just to relive those past memories. I wanted to create a new and exiting way of playing. Something that wasn’t yet done or at least I hadn’t seen yet.

Arcades always were fun and exciting. They created a connection with people that you don't get with newer engines. You always had more fun playing together, to be in the same room, next to each other almost punching each other in the face. It wasn’t rare that someone went home with bruises or even bleeding sometimes. But people kept returning, playing it again and again. I think this is one of the best emotional connections with arcades, that doesn’t really exist anymore.

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