SKIP NINETYFOUR is a design studio that is master in creating interactive and transformative concepts for your company. We create new experiences by combining beautiful twisted fantasies, arts and mathematics. Our starting point lays in co-creating with our clients and understanding their vision, identity and story. 

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We are Simon Uyterlinde, Salvatore Akrum and Rafael B. Guedelha. Three friends that combine their strengths to make design more colourful, outstanding and tangible. Why should your vision and character stay in your minds, books and/or websites? We are designers who create stories that exist on the surface between spatial design, illustration and graphic design.

Simon Uyterlinde

The coal miner

The hard worker who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Give him a cup of coffee and he'll be able to uncover all the rough diamonds from your stone wall mitts. Simon believes that digging deeper and experimenting with all the things that you encounter creates the most creative solution. Simon thinks in concepts and digs until he finds gold.

Salvatore Akrum

The dream Catcher

He catches he impulsive dreams you get at night and turns them into reality. Salvatore works in a multidisciplinary way. 3D, video editing and even acting are not alien to him. He portrays his dreams through various media. Instead of stepping out of the box you get a whole new one with Salvatore.

Rafael B. Guedelha

The Duracell battery

The engine that ensures that every project goes in a quick, functional way to the best result. When an assignment is awarded to him, he will not stop until he has reached the finish. With a fascination for technology, connections and beautiful colour palettes he seeks the maximum in structure and efficiency.

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